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NAME:    law2000
EMAIL: law2000@rossvilleshops.com
Date:                    12-25-2004
EMAIL_FROM:        Rossville, IL
Hi great site thanks for the links.
For information of Rossville, IL...

Thanks - Nice job for Rossville

NAME:   Ramona Mathew
EMAIL: ramonamathew@hotmail.com
Date:                    21-12-04

You have great web site.  Keep it up!
NAME:  Chris Jackson
EMAIL:  pig2136@hotmail.com
Date:             12/20/2004
EMAIL_FROM:  Bloomington Indiana        
HOME_PHONE: (812)334-2151
Hello.....Looking for a girl named Paula Roberts born 1951-1954. She was going to marry my brother. They might of broke up......He was from Logansport Indiana and was killed 8/2/1971. We moved soon after that and I have never seen or heard from Paula again.... My brother was going to School there in 1970. If anyone knows Paula Please email me.
                   Chris Jackson (Bloomington Indiana)
NAME:   Cynthia d. Zumwalt
EMAIL:  r.zumwalt@insightbb.com
Date:                    Dec.11 2004
EMAIL_FROM:      Danville ILL
HOME_PHONE:   217-442-2018
Here is a little one act play I wrote about Santa & Jesus.
(Charlie) Cynthia Zumwalt - Harvest Time Christian Center  Georgetown Ill,  

Comments for the Holidays (any faith) will be e posted here. If the length requires too much space the message will be on a separate page. Click here to read Ms Zumwalt's submission. BEAMSCO
NAME:                    Kristin Reeves
EMAIL:                   kreeves@huththompson.com
Date:                    November 24, 200
EMAIL_FROM:              Attica, IN
Hi!  I love to country line dance!!!!  Does anyone know of a place in the Danville area I can do this?
NAME:   1stSgt Dave Jobe
EMAIL:         forwarded
Date:                    11/19/04

Click Photo to go to Iraq page

The proud warriors of Baker Company wanted to do something to pay tribute To our fallen comrades. So since we are part of the only Marine Infantry Battalion left in Iraq the one way that we could think of doing that is By taking a picture of Baker Company saying the way we feel. It would be awesome if you could find a way to share this with our fellow countrymen. I was wondering if there was any way to get this into your papers to let the world know that "WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN" and are proud to serve our country." Semper Fi 1stSgt Dave Jobe

More Iraq photos are on a special page along with SGT Jobe's photo and more. Webmaster BEAMSCO

NAME:           Teresa bienasz
EMAIL:         teresabienasz@hotmail.com
Date:                    11/12/04
EMAIL_FROM:              villa park, il

Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of "Jouvenal Juvinall Juvenal" by William Urban? It was published in the 70's and distributed by an uncle of mine in Danville
NAME:                    Suzi Mason
EMAIL:                   suzimason03@yahoo.com
Date:                    11/11/04
EMAIL_FROM:  Hoopeston Illinois
I am looking for Charlie Gress, he and I went to DACC in 1981.  I know his family use to own a beverage distribution in Danville at that time.  Any help would be appreciated!
NAME:                    Kevin R. Young
EMAIL:                   andmac@sbcglobal.com
Date:                    10/26/2004
EMAIL_FROM:              Champaign, Illinois
Anderson/MacIntyre Historical Services will do FREE history talks and living history presentations to any Vermilion County Non-Profit Organizations.  For details please visit


NAME:                    Scott Simon
EMAIL:                   Scott_Simon@insightbb.com
Date:                10/26/2004
EMAIL_FROM:   Springfield IL
WORK_PHONE:   314-435-8633


From: " Spencers" <richard_spencer@comcast.net>
To: <admin@beamsco.com>
Subject: Wondering if danville will ever have a web cam
Mr. Foster,
 I am a soldier assigned to 3rd Infantry Division, Ft. Stewart, GA. and I am also a native of Danville.  I see that alot of cities or town have web sites that viewers can see at any time, but Danville does not.  I was curious to find out if there will be a web site that a soldier far from home and going to Iraq soon could look up and see home when he wanted to.  It sure would boost up morale to see "Home" every now and then.                                       Thank You,          SGT Spencer
I do not understand your question. I assume you got this email address off this Area Portal Most troops write and tell me they look at http://allarouddanville.com every chance they get. We have local news, events and photos all fresh each day. There is also some video you can stream on the left margin that changes from time to time. There are also links to the City's site and 31,600 other businesses & Misc site  pictures etc. links. Webmaster
FYI: Last month we had 2,213 Visitors from US GOV-Military around the World, not counting private ISPs
NAME:                    Kay (Ellis) Mockbee
EMAIL:                   cleo_katy@sbcglobal.net
Date:                    10/23/04
EMAIL_FROM:              Danville, Illinois
I am looking for anyone that grew up in the children's home in Danville between the years of 1959-1967..........would like to hear form anyone that is interested.........Thank You
Kay Mockbee
NAME:                    Elizabeth Dyess
EMAIL:                   ElizabethMDyess@aol.com Or TheRecipeGal@aol.com
Date:               oct 15, 2004
EMAIL_FROM:     danville Illinois
WORK_PHONE:              2174770037
HOME_PHONE:              2174770037

Hello I have been looking for a place to volunteer. Is there a list or anything of places excepting volunteers? My Hobbies and interest actually gather around, Art, History,Taking pictures, Sewing,( I do have an Illinois Food Permit), canning, Not afraid to get my hands dirty.. I am available Nights after 6pm and Fridays and Saturdays all day...
Former places of volunteer work. ( American War Dads( Ladies Club, and React Cb Club...
Please feel free to send info about your club to my email address:) I check my mail at least once or more a day...

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful weekend everyone..
NAME:      Kay (Colgrove) Sproll
EMAIL:     ksproll@cce.umn.edu
Date:             10/29/04
EMAIL_FROM:    Minneapolis, MN   
HOME_PHONE:    612-522-9388
DHS Class of 1957: Anything in the works for our 50th class reunion?

Under the Grades & High Schools links (lower left center of home page) is a link to the Alumni site. Webmaster AAD

NAME:  Barbara Baker
EMAIL:   bbaker@cmsu1.cmsu.edu
Date:                    09-22-2004
EMAIL_FROM:    Warrensburg, MO
WORK_PHONE:  660-543-4469
Hello.  I have no idea if this will lead anywhere, but I am giving it a shot.  I am looking for a Cecil E. Martin, Jr. son of the late Helen Baker Martin of Danville, or any of their relatives living in the Eastern Illinois area.  I have information about his brother, Michael R. Baker of Texas that I need to share.  I am Michael's sister (from our father's second marriage), and would also like to get some information about that side of Mike's family (esp. medical information).  Thanks to anyone out there who might see this and help, even if just to direct me to another source.

Barbara L. Baker
NAME:                    Steve Paxton
EMAIL:                   sspaxton1@sbcglobal.net
Date:                    9-19-04
EMAIL_FROM:              gtown
I would like to take this time to thank everyone who bought tickets for the Vermilion County Handicapped Association 8th annual Harley Davidson Raffle, a great time was had by all at the Gao Grotto, the winner was Don Ward Biggest turn out ever..

NAME:                     Mrs.Kitty
EMAIL:     Kenokitty@hotmail.com
Date:                 Sept 9, 2004
EMAIL_FROM:              Florida
COUNTRY:                 USA
Hello Danville!!! I went to school in Danville grew up in the heights. I now live in Florida. I survived the hurricane, but are home took a beating. I have Pictures-but having A hard time uploaded on this PC.Maybe I will figure this note book out soon. Lots of people in Florida are without homes, or full of water. Say a pray for all of us that are trying to get are lives back in order. (What A Mess). Mrs. Florida Kitty
NAME:                    Barry Thompson
EMAIL:                   barry@thompsonpoint.com
Date:                    9/7/04
EMAIL_FROM:              Danville, IL
The Danville High School Band of Vikings will be presenting the 31st Annual Viking Invitational Marching Band Competition on Saturday, September 25th 2004.  The event will be held on Danville High School’s Ned Whitesell Field, located at 202 East Fairchild Street, Danville.

The gates will open at 10:00 am and the competition will begin at 12:00 noon.  Fifteen bands from all around Central Illinois will participate.  The day’s events will culminate with an exhibition performance of the 2004 show “The Mask of Zorro” by the Danville High School ‘BAND OF VIKINGS’.  

The Danville High School marching band has nearly 100 members headed by director Mr. Mark Lindvahl and assistant director Mrs. Marty Lindvahl.  The Band of Vikings will be participating in five regional competitions, including the Illinois State Invitational Marching Band Championship at ISU in Normal, IL.

A variety of food will be available throughout the day in the cafeteria and outside near the bleachers.  Delicious outdoor grilled hamburgers and brats, as well as pizza, hot dogs, Subway sandwiches and drinks will be sold at very reasonable prices.

Admission is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students and District 118 staff.  Programs will be available for purchase at the gate for $3.00
  Today a 'survey" of cell phone companies came to the message board. Since no email return was given (as requested for this message board) I could not suggest in a reply that this type of request should be put on the forum (where emails addresses can be withheld) and surveys can be taken. We not to have local businesses discussed here as the forum it better suited for the opportunity of a reply, and discussion. Thanks Webmaster
See Public Forum then click Register
NAME:      Pete Contreras
EMAIL:    contrepe@earthlink.net
Date:                    09/01/04
EMAIL_FROM:       Lakewood, CO
HOME_PHONE:      303-988-4084
I am doing some research on my Great Grandmother (Julia Dodge) and her parents (Anson Greene Phelps Dodge and Rachel Rose Voorhees and Peter and Mary Voorhees. I would really be interested in any info you may suggest for me to go to.  I am coming to Danville during the week of Thanksgiving to take pictures of their resting place, old home sites and what has been told The Holland hotel they once owned. Is there any place that would have other information on them possibly.  
Thank you,   Pete
There is a post card of the Dodge Home in the Old Photos collection and you can write the Illiana Genealogical folks. See their site at http://ighs.allarounddanville.com/   (See Picture of the day) Also Larry Voorhees maybe realted, you can contact him via his website at  http://pipedude.com
NAME:                    Steve Paxton
EMAIL:                   sspaxton1@sbcglobal.net
Date:                    8-31-04
EMAIL_FROM:              Georgetown
Big doins next week Sept 11th at the Gao Grotto Vermilion County Handicapped 8th annual Harley Davidson Raffle, 5PM to whenever,We Have live bands, (Haywire and Soulfood), door prizes cash give aways and the big Drawing for this years 2004 Road King Custom Harley Davidson, some tickets still avalible, at Gutteridge Harley Davidson and the Grotto, Good luck to who ever wins. I would like to thank everyone who have bought tickets and supported us this year,We've built alot of ramps and still got more to build. THANKS TO ALL    FATTY  
NAME:                    Sgt. S. Swisher
EMAIL:                   fbina210@yahoo.com
Date:                    08/28/04
EMAIL_FROM:              Danville Il.
WORK_PHONE:              431-2250
  Vermilion County Crimestoppers is having one of the coolest car shows coming up on Saturday September 25th.  We are closing off the first two blocks of Vermilion Street in front of the court house to the Fischer Theater.  The show starts at 4:00.  At 5:00 Freddie Hall and his band will be playing 50's and 60's music, then at 7:00 the giant movie screen goes up and we are playing the movie "American Graffiti"
  The first 100 cars get a free dash plate.  There will be food, drinks and if you need a beer, the local bars are open.  There is also a 50/50 drawing for all and door prizes for the car owners. Hope to see everyone there.

                                 Sgt. Steve Swisher
                            Vermilion County Crimestoppers
NAME:                    Lauren Mitchell
EMAIL:                   sparkel_shine@hotmail.com
Date:                    Aug. 23 04
EMAIL_FROM:              Alhambra Il
Hi my name is Lauren my mom is looking for her dad and I really would like to help her find him. He graduated in 64 and his name is Dale Wayne Jackson. If you know him knew him or anything at all please please contact me. Thank you very much
NAME:                    Amanda
EMAIL:                   mandy_2004@yahoo.com
Date:                    8-23-85
EMAIL_FROM:         Hoopeston, IL
Can anyone tell me where the Vermillion County JAIL is located? and if it is hiring? Also, how much do they make a year? My friend from another county is wanting to transfer counties. Thanks!
Jail in at the Public Safety Building
From: Bruce Oliver
 Email:  <voliver@cooketech.net
Date: 8-20-04
In the past I recall finding information about the Danville Youth Hockey team, the Wings. Jr.  Does any web site still exist for them? I am not having any success finding any. Thanks, Bruce Oliver 446-3097
The link to Youth Hockey is on the main page of this site  -click the "Sports & Hobbies "drop down box in the mid center of the page..Webmaster
NAME:  EMAIL:  Withheld by request
August 10, 2004

Click Photos to enlarge

Below is excerpts of an email to a father of a soldier in Iraq. Sender gave his name but requested last name be withheld. Photos came with the email. Webmaster


Got ambushed three or so days ago.  Were driving on a hwy inside of Baghdad and came up on a car that was suspiciously, driving slow in front of us and apparently was trying to keep us from passing.  The guys in the first truck of our 3 truck (F350) convoy shot warning shots at the truck for him to move.  He didn't.  They shot some holes in the car and eventually we passed him.  I was in the last truck in the back manning a .50 cal machine gun and hadn't heard what was happening due to our poor communication and dispersion.  As soon as we got past him, small arms fire raked around us.  I could see tracers flying by my head and I searched for muzzle flashes.  I found them, about 50 meters to our right rear flank.  I then opened up on them with APIT (armor piercing incendiary tracer) and got all of them I think.  They were hiding behind a berm off of the road.  I fired about 40 - 50 rounds point blank into their position. 

I had noticed 5 - 6 muzzle flashes and they were neutralized instantaneously.  Score one for the good ol' USA.  No one got hit and as it turned out, the ambushers became the ambushed.  

Anyway, I thought that I'd let you know that I was still alive and just signed a 6 month extension.

Pictures are of
(the Soldier & patrol), the .50 cal machine gun, and the patrol vehicles near  the Tigris


 Thanks for the 2nd email from Iraq in two days (different senders)

No further comment is necessary. Webmaster

NAME:  WHBR          
August 09, 2004
EMAIL_FROM:  Iraq via Indianapolis

Click Photo to enlarge

This statue currently stands outside the Iraqi palace, 
now home to the 4th Infantry division. It will eventually be shipped home and put in the memorial museum in Fort Hood, Texas.

The statue was created by an Iraqi artist named Kalat,
who for years was forced by Saddam Hussein to make
the many hundreds of bronze busts of Saddam that dotted Baghdad. 

Kalat  was so grateful for the Americans liberation of his
country; he melted 3 of the heads of the  fallen Saddam
and made the  statue as a memorial to the American
soldiers and their fallen warriors.  Kalat worked on this
memorial night and day for several months.

To the left of the kneeling soldier is a small Iraqi girl giving
the soldier comfort as he mourns the loss of his comrade
in arms. 

Do you know why we don't hear about this in the news?  Because it is heart warming and praise worthy.  The media avoids it because it does not have the shock effect that a
flashed breast or controversy of politics does.  But we can
do something about it.   We can
tell others about it and
where they can see the statue picture. Thanks for posting it.
Thanks for sending it

NAME:                    Steve Paxton
EMAIL:                   sspaxton1@sbcglobal.net
Date:                    8-8-04
EMAIL_FROM:              Georgetown
HOME_PHONE:    217 662 1930
Just finished a  week at the Georgetown fair, selling raffle tickets for VCHA Harley Raffle. a few tickets left at the Harley shop in Danville, Give away Sept 11th at the Gao Grotto, all proceeds go towards building ramps for folks who can not afford to build there own, 128 so far. Buy a ticket and help out. 25 bucks apiece. GEORGETOWN FAIR ROCKS
NAME:         Shawna Richards
EMAIL:                   shawnalynn@mail.com
Date:                    7/30/04
EMAIL_FROM:              Mebane, NC
Good morning,
I am trying to locate an old Danville telephone book, from the 70s or 80s. I am hoping to find an ad for my Grandpa's business, Butler and Weimer Body Shop, in the automobile section. It featured a car in the center with a woman standing on either side, the business name and phone number. I'd like to reproduce the ad to make some gifts for family members. Best method of contact is via email. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
                         Thanks, Shawna
NAME:                    Elizabeth Dyess
EMAIL:                   Realkikkradio@aol.com
Date:                    7/26/2004
EMAIL_FROM:              Danville Illinois
WORK_PHONE:              2174770037
HOME_PHONE:              2172021500
Hello I am doing study on Stella Berkley.. You know the girl buried in Springhill who's whole bedroom is buried with her.. Where can i find more information on this complete story?
I am also looking for Stories from local folks about the Franciscan Nuns, also I was also wondering if there are any old folk tales or anything that surround Danville?

Just curious and i thought it might give something to talk about:)
I had heard a few years ago that there was some town under water here? Near Kickapoo or something is there any truth to
that at all

See reply to inquiry (Below)

NAME:                    Steve Paxton
EMAIL:                   sspaxton1 @sbcglobal.net
Date:                    8-9-04
EMAIL_FROM:              georgetown
Answer to E Dyess there is a town under lake Vermilion abandoned before the river was dammed,. I believe it was called Denmark  Strawberry Island used to have a shed and part of barn, there. My next door neighbor from 1950s on vermilion st Mrs. Ashcraft used to tell stories of the area from way back when I believe she was in hers 70s then.
NAME: Jennifer Goodwin
EMAIL:                   goodie03@yahoo.com
Date:                    7/17/04
EMAIL_FROM:  West Monroe, LA
Looking for anyone from the Class of 1991. If anyone is still around please email. If anyone went to the reunion I would love to hear about it.

NAME:                    Kevin Young
EMAIL:                   adjutant7inf@juno.com
Date:                    7/15/04
EMAIL_FROM:              Champaign
I am one of those people who has returned to the Danville/Champaign area. After twenty-five years working in Texas history, it was time to get back to the cornfields, Steak n Shake and Custard Cup. Danville and Vermilion County do have a lot of history, but I have noticed that except for the fine folks at the Vermilion County Museum and all the other local museums, the rest of the state kind of ignores it. To bad, because there is a lot here. Why not try and get the towns along Route 1 to promote the old Dixie Highway like Route 66? It might be a start.

While a lot of what I remember growing up in Rossville and Danville is gone (downtown movie theatres, Tony's out on North Vermilion, the Dixie Drive Inn, and such) there is still a lot left that could be worked in. Cultural Heritage Tourism might be a big step forward.

I had forgotten what a great place to live this area really is. As someone who has been identified with being "Texan" for most of his adult life, I am very proud of my Midwestern/Vermilion County Roots

Strange talk for a Danville native, or do you love Danville because you moved from somewhere else, like me?

NAME:  John Cotner
EMAIL:                   john@cotnerbuilding.com
Date:           7/9/04
EMAIL_FROM:       Boise, Idaho
My name is John Cotner and I am looking for some Danville High yearbooks from 1983 thru 1986. My graduating class was 1986 although I graduated a semester early to join the Air Force and I never officially "walked" during graduation. I lost all of my memorabilia from high school and I would like to retrieve some memories. Any ideas?
NAME:                    Cliff Claven
EMAIL:                   CliffClaven@Email.Com
Date:                    7/8/04
EMAIL_FROM:     Arlington, VA
Can you tell me which airlines fly into Vermilion County airport ?  Also, do you know from which cities ?
Unfortunately we lost the last scheduled service 8 or 10 years ago. You can fly into Indy and rent a car, it's about 1 hour twenty min from the AP to Danville. Or there are flights out of Midway to Champaign, about 35 min from their AP to Danville.
 PS Cliff I thought you lived in Boston or is that the same spelling?. Webmaster
NAME:                    Ray Zelasko
EMAIL:                   rvzelasko@hotmail.com
Date:                    7/7/2004
EMAIL_FROM:              Naperville, IL
I too spent a fair amount of time in Danville. 2 years at St Patrick's, then 4 more years at Schlarman, graduating in 1967. then move to Southern Ill. and moved back in 1973 until 1978, working at Hyster.

Later in 1998, I spent some time consulting with Hyster. All the changes from 1978 to 1998 were amazing. I too remember the Swing and Spring ice skating on Lake Vermilion, and also at the pond by the hospital. Suttons, the 3 movie theaters, the 3 drive in's, Marty-K's and so many other memories. Playing wiffle ball with my brother in the backyard of the house on Kentucky street, and the 2 summers pedaling the ice cream cart on the north side for .02 a bar. My cut! If I had a good day, I could make $4-$5 for 12 hour shift!

Tearing up the downtown area in 1964? to build the mall and then ripping that out later.

Such great memories and people, even having Paul Shebby for PE and track, then he moved to Danville High.

Best to every one!     Ray

See Previous letter. Nostalgia folks may want to see the old photo collection at Old Danville Area Photos & Postcards

NAME:                    Dennis van duyn
EMAIL:                   vanduyn@copper.net
Date:                    07/04/2004
EMAIL_FROM:              Danville, Illinois
doe's  anyone remember West Side, Nixon's , dog n suds , pops skating rink, Illini skate land, the two Marty K's, the old train car restaurant on main street on the west side of tracks, the Douglas , Lincoln & Garfield park movies, the Illini swimming pool, the nook, Lincoln and 300 room bowling alley?  also the old steak and shake on east main it's (Watson tire) now. and we can't forget the D and D Market on south Buchanan. please e-mail me at vanduyn@copper.net my name is Denny Vanduyn .
Vintage D Shirts T-Shirts featuring old Area Businesses and Favorite Sites
NAME:                    Jeanne Dunn
EMAIL:                   jeanne_dunn@hotmail.com
Date:                    7/4/2004
EMAIL_FROM:              Danville, IL

For those of you in Danville who enjoy the arts and love to support our local kids, here's an event that is inexpensive and a lot of fun!

DANVILLE LIGHT OPERA CHILDREN'S THEATRE will be presenting the musical KILROY IS HERE at the DACC Bremer Theatre on Friday and Saturday, July 16 and 17 at 7 p.m., with a special matinee performance at 2 p.m. on Sunday, July 18. Tickets are only $5, and can be purchased at BC Collectibles at the Village Mall, or at the door. Local veterans will be recognized at the end of these performances.

Set during WWII at a New York USO, this musical will make you laugh, gasp, and entertain you with song and dance, including THE JITTERBUG! You'll meet soldiers, riveter girls, spies and more -- and you'll finally understand why KILROY doodles that funny little character everywhere he goes.

The young people in this cast have worked hard to memorize their lines, get into character, learn songs and dance routines. We guarantee you'll leave with a smile on your face! Don't forget to bring your friends!

NAME:      Melanie Carpenter
EMAIL   melianna75@sbcglobal.net
Date:                June 29, 2004
EMAIL_FROM         Oakwood, IL
I came across this site after searching the internet for about 4 hours of looking for historical pictures of Danville (I was born and raised here).  I love the site!  It is very informative and easy to navigate!  My only question is why did I get a "site not found...try again" when I clicked on the link for the old pictures and postcards??  I was very disappointed.  Love the site and will check back often!
Well with 24,259 links it's like one mother hen taking care of all the chicks in the barn yard. It's fixed now and we sure appreciate viewers telling us about bugs, it's hard to check them all.. Webmaster
NAME:       crystal meece
EMAIL:                   crystalmeece2003@yahoo.com
Date:                    6/28/04
EMAIL_FROM:   danville, illinois
I am trying to locate a classy antique car to rent (with or without driver) on august 7, 2004 to drive my daughter & her new husband from their wedding (in Oakwood, it, to their reception in danville illinois.  please email me with a price if you are interested.  

would also be willing to listen to prices for if you have a limo or a horse & buggy. wedding is at 5:00 p.m.

NAME:        Kayla
EMAIL:   rkg010203@yahoo.com
Date:                    6-28-04
EMAIL_FROM:              danville
Does anyone know of a website for Ellsworth park or where i could find a map of the place online? thanks i need it ASAP!! thanks
Try the city site, link under Governments - Area information links off first page
EMAIL:                   Sspaxton1@aol.com
Date:                    6-17-04
EMAIL_FROM:              georgetown

We finished ramp #123 in Georgetown last Sunday. We've about 16 more to finish, we can do about 2 a month but with a little help we'll get them done. Our 7th annual Harley raffle  going on now 25 bucks will get you a ticket for a new 2004 Harley Road King Custom. drawing will be Sept 11 2004 at the Grotto. :Poker run June 26 starts at the Grotto. at 10:30 sign up leave at 12 noon 10 bucks a hand all proceeds go to John Clark Memorial Fund for Handicapped Children. Next ramp will be July 11th Thanks
NAME:                    Elizabeth Dyess
EMAIL:                   Realkikkradio@aol.com
Date:      June17 2004
EMAIL_FROM:   Danville Illinois   
HOME_PHONE:     2174770037
Congratulations on your new site layout:) Looking great..
Very easy to navigate as well:) Thanks:)
NAME:         Tim Welsh
EMAIL:                   twels1@yahoo.com
Date:        6/16/2004
EMAIL_FROM:   Brooklyn Park, MN             
WORK_PHONE:  612 414 6759
HOME_PHONE:  763 503 5762

I am moving back to the Danville/Champaign area. What local resources do you suggest to help with the job search. I am a veteran sales and retail manager. I would be flexible in reaching for just about any position within the region. Thanks for the great website. Maybe I just missed the links for employment in the area?
   Regards,      Tim

We do need more employment links, the only one now is under the Area Associations links at http://www.442jobs.com
NAME:                    Beth
Date:                    June 27, 2004
Tim Welsh,
 I would suggest checking out the employment classifieds on the Commercial News website (www.dancomnews.com) and the News-Gazette (www.news-gazette.com/classifieds). If you go to the News-Gazette site, make sure you click on "Last Sunday's" employment ads, as they are more extensive than the weekday listings. I don't care for the 442JOBS site, as it seems to be primarily for manufacturing and health care positions. Good luck on your job search, and welcome to the area! :)

NAME:            Bethany
Date:             6/15/04
EMAIL_FROM:  champaign, Illinois
Just checked out your new website--it looks awesome!! Keep up the great work.  
NAME:      Jackie Sexton
EMAIL:                   jsexton@cowancostumes.com
Date:                    June 14, 2004
EMAIL_FROM:    Cleburne, Texas
WORK_PHONE:              817.641.3126
HOME_PHONE:              817.556.0202
Hello to all my friends and family in Danville. I sure miss y'all. I am still living in Texas but I am planning a very special trip to Danville in July. On July 10th my sister (Ruth Edmunds Crose) will be celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary. Now 25 years is a long time no matter how you look at it, and especially for a marriage to stay together that long. We are going to have an "Open House" for them. I am hoping that many many friends stop by to congratulate them on their successful marriage. Charles Crose (Charlie or J.R.) has worked at Holmes Brothers for 35 years and Ruthie Edmunds Crose has worked at the County Market for 13 years. There address is: 1318 E. Voorhees St. The hours are 4:00 to 9:00 pm on July 10th. So please mark your calendar, come over and enjoy the photos, food and the music with them
NAME:                    Katie Hansen
EMAIL:     HansenKt66@aol.com
Date:                    May 10, 2004
EMAIL_FROM:   Ann Arbor, Michigan
HOME_PHONE:     734 994 1478
Do you have a City Directory?  I am looking for Elizabeth Flaugherty or Flagherty.  I am having a visitor from the West and it is his auntie.  I would like to surprise him with a visit to her.   Also, was there ever an Orphanage in Danville?

Can anyone help her with her questions? SEE REPLY BELOW

NAME:                    Elizabeth Dyess
EMAIL:                   Springglen408@aol.com
Date:                    05-11-04
EMAIL_FROM:      Danville Illinois
COUNTRY:                 USA
WORK_PHONE:    217 477 0037
HOME_PHONE:     217 477 0037

 You Can Probably start looking up the person at
http://www.whitepages.com. About Orphanages you might start with
the Christian Home for youth, and just ask if there are more
Children's homes. Depending on what time frame, per say 80's
there could have been a number of places for youth, and many from the local area were sent to Carmi Illinois ( Small town near Evansville)

 One more Place to try would be the Illiana History Society,
There is a nice size research library in there. :) Hope this helps and good luck...
NAME:                    Deanna Barnes
EMAIL:                   babygirlbarnes@sbcglobal.net
Date:                    May 3,2004
EMAIL_FROM:              Tilton, IL
COUNTRY:                 USA

   Have a great day Danville!!!
NAME:                    Phil Mastrianno
EMAIL:                   cfd41@aol.com
Date:                    1May04
EMAIL_FROM:              Chicago Il
WORK_PHONE:     773 837 6182
The COHT a living history group is doing a 25 mile Middle Fork of the Vermilion river the end of May I am looking for a detailed map of the river so we can study it before we go. Can anyone send me a downloadable file of the river.
Thank you
The only maps we have are the ones we put on one of our websites at http://middleforkcanoes.com/rivers_descriptions.htm and at http://middleforkcanoes.com/MFriver.htm
EMAIL: becki@shumpinfunky.com
Date:                    4.26.04
EMAIL_FROM:  Chicago IL   
WORK_PHONE:  312.882.8688
DHS Class of 1984: The Class of '84 Reunion Committee is busy planning our 20 Year Reunion.  Find ticket and event information at www.dhsclassof84.com
NAME:      John
EMAIL:   Johray@sbcglobal.net
Date:            4/24/04
EMAIL_FROM:     G'town, Illinois
Can anyone out there provide me with or tell me where to find a list of the labor unions in Vermilion County? Our local is interested in gathering together with them for the purposes of sharing information, support, and good will. Thanks very much for your help.
NAME:                    Maileen
EMAIL:                   tisle1@yahoo.com
Date:                    04/22/2004
EMAIL_FROM:              Danville, IL
Many people agree to disagree on the status of Danville. Are we on the upswing (more companies, more jobs, etc.) or are we headed downhill (company closings, layoffs, etc.)? However, there are things that Danville has to offer, but we have to be willing to let go of the negative and focus on the positive. For instance, there is a boys baseball team that will be attending the Little League World Series Tournament in St. Louis, Mo this summer. This team is made up of boys from the Danville area. In order to accomplish this, many local companies donated funds to send them to this prestigious event. There are companies that value our community, our families, and recognize the need to put Danville on the map. The Danville Titans are going to put this city on the map in the arena of little league baseball. As a mother of a player, I would love to send these boys off in style. The tournament is July 18 - 25 and a strong community support for these boys would be awesome. If anyone has any ideas on pulling more community support together, please email me. These boys have worked very hard to be where they are at and it's time the Danville community at large knows it.  
NAME:    Kim Sigler
EMAIL: salem7777@msn.com
Date:         April 20 2004
EMAIL_FROM: Pomona California
Hello, I was born and raised in Danville in 1957. Grew up and went to school in danville and Oakwood .i have fond memories of so many people there and if any old friends ,school chums lovers lol, still in area would love to hear from home. I live in sunny so Calif but never forgot my roots ,danville is home .i have 2 brothers still in area a bunch of cousins .and 2 sisters across the state line in indiana. I'm divorced live in Pomona with yet another sister and am coming home this fall to visit and hope to find some old friends ......take care Kim Sigler PS email me please
NAME:    Sarah
EMAIL:  rkg010203@yahoo.com
Date:4-18-04 FROM:   Danville IL
Does any one know when the softball games between business in this area start? please let me know! thanks

NAME:  Maureen Devine
EMAIL:                   maureen.devine@aon.at
Date:  4/17/2004
EMAIL_FROM: Schiefling, Carinthia
COUNTRY:      Austria

Just discovered this forum, and thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments. I haven't lived in Danville for 35 years at least, and my last visit was some 8 years ago...after reading all the comments the memories are flooding back: yes I remember the Nook (every Saturday we crowded in there for hamburgers and fries !)and Carson's drug store on Vermillion -- it had a real soda fountain, Norman Rockwell style ! Maybe I'll get to my next class reunion (Schlarman, 1965). Anyway, a Riverwalk sound wonderful, and hope you can generate enough interest in that sort of a project.

Great to hear from you and Austria. At left is a poor picture of Carson's C1950 anyone have a better one, please email to us. Be sure and Check out the other  pictures  @ Local Area Pictures.. & the daily events of our town on our many pages.....Webmaster

NAME:                    Janet Martin
EMAIL:                   bobjan44@aol.com
Date:                    4/13/-4
EMAIL_FROM:    Georgetown, IL
The DHS Class of 1967 lost a beautiful man this week in Richie Roberts.  He was a friend who will always have a place in our hearts.  The word "gentleman" personified Richie...he was indeed a gentle man.  Heaven must be rejoicing and welcoming their newest member of The Band...
NAME:                    Joe Koger II
EMAIL:                   jkoger25@hotmail.com
Date:                    04/01/04
EMAIL_FROM:Birmingham, Michigan
I was born and raised in Danville and look back with great fondness to the city of my childhood.  It seems that many, many other people who have left the City of Danville somehow also have that deep special feeling for the city.

I have a comment and a question for all 'Danville people' past and present:

The City of Danville possesses many examples of classic architecture, history and lore that are as deep as they are wide.  A gold mine of treasure exists within the city that is truly priceless.  I have only come to appreciate these special attributes of this old city after being gone for many years.  Throughout those years I have visited a few times and done a fair amount of reading on the history of the City (which seems to be hard to find).  As I look back on Danville with rose colored glasses, a few questions keep nagging at me:

Why does 'Danville' seem so silent, almost ignorant of it's awesome past?

More importantly, why do the powers that be allow the razing of old historic buildings???  i.e. YMCA Building, Papa Joe Cannon's home, Temple Building  and many others???

[One of the best example of this happened many years ago with the razing of Uncle Joe Cannon's home.  A grocery store was put up on the site.  I was in town a year ago and noticed that the grocery was now closed and vacant...Now was it really necessary to tear down the home of one of the most important political figures ever to reside in the City of Danville to make room for a doggone grocery store?]

Is there anyone involved with city government / historical commission that is actively researching and promoting the rich history of the city?

I sincerely hope that Danville somehow can find a way to crush some of the demons that periodically pull the city down.  One way to help would be to revisit, document, restore, preserve and PROMOTE the awesome history of the City.

NAME:                    Ricky and Elizabeth Dyess
EMAIL:                   RealkikkRadio@aol.com
Date:                    04/09/04
EMAIL_FROM:              Danville Illinois
COUNTRY:                 USA
HOME_PHONE:              217 477 0037
COMMENT: To letter above

Yes Danville does have alot of history. From the Wolford Hotel
that houses a 500 couple Ball room. "I bet thats beautiful".
As well as a train station, Douglas Park that once had amusment rides, and Ellsworth park was known as the old water hole,
with an old barrel roller coaster, Krestidge( Sorry if I mispelled that)Walgereens downtown. St Elizabeth Hospital housed nuns,( Fransician Nuns)
Rabbit town had many natural springs, ( Rabbit town got its name from an honorable Judge John Pearson because of the amount of rabbits that once occupied the area.

Bob Jones owned colonial Parkway.( pizza's yummy) Shroeders ( Burger Chef)
the piggly Wiggly, Downtown at the time was closed in with
music that played while you shopped ( on cone looking speakers)
the music I believe was actually played right on site.

3 drive ins Skyway, ( one on lynch road) and one on Vermilion.
Douglas School had awsome christmas plays, the lincoln Museum
had a carraige house. Does anyone remember the school house in there?

Sears downtown, Jc penney's downtown,Walgreens had a diner
they also had a money machine on the bathrooms lol. The Palace,
Fisher, and Times theater's,Does anyone remember the resturaunt called the Nook? ( It was downtown) Also Gene Walik owned a resturaunt on fairchild I belive ( they had mini hamburgers kind of like a white castle)

Douglas and lincoln debate, Trolleys downtown, And the story
about the bankers Daughter( she is barried out at Springhill)
It is said her whole bedroom is under there with her,And the statue of an angel was carved to look like her. It was
a love story gone bad, The human hair necklace at the lincoln house,
The lamon house in which was moved, Danville high on gilbert
then moved to Jackson Street, Dick Van Dyke and the Red Mask,
the bridge on gilbert was different back when also. It Stretched east and west I believe. Steak n shake
on main now a tire place, Friendly town looked huge lol as a kid,
Douglas park roller slide lol, A gold mining 49er ( Gustuvus Pearson)discovered gold out of califoria came back to Danville and built a home,he helped establish the chicago board of trade, and had hand in the San Fransico board of trade, owned a villiage in Califorina called yugo( Now completely under water do to flooding)
Later the house was owned by a James
A Meeks who was a congress man, complete with skating pond made by natural springs, then later became the home of the frasican nuns, and on and on:)

The Harmon Mansion beautiful place I might add.. Yes Danville
has a Rich Rich history. how one would become active in history
I don't know.

Most of what i have researched started from a man who used to
do tours at the lincoln house, he seemed so knowledgable, and a old vetern that used to hangut at burger chef ( Alex was his name)And sitting in the royal donut listening to the veterns
chatter about times gone by:)

If anyone has any history stories please do tell, I would love
to  get into video tours of older buildings, just to
do it. Listen to Mr jones and other officials history stories,
as well as veterns and people who just wanna talk about it:)

What can I say 27 year old female with a love for history..

Abe lincoln, Dan Beckwith, judge John Pearson, Joe Cannon,
Mr Lamon, Douglas, Dick van Dyke, Joe Tanner, Laura lee,
Indians, David S Palmer, Fransican Nuns, Jerry Van Dyke,

Zayer,Hills, Target, Nutty Nut Shop, the prescription Shop,

I was told that in the past there were phamacies that smelled
real good when you walked in, they had soda shops and everything.
DID danville have one of them? I was thinking we did near the high school but don't know for sure.

Webmaster I can see you also have somewhat of a fondness of history do to the pictures you have collected:)
SUBJECT: Suggestion
NAME:    Elizabeth Dyess
PHONE:   2174770037
EMAIL:   Springglen408@aol.com
DATE:    03/29/04
Hello I was just wondering if Danville has ever thought of a River Walk? We have a huge river running though the center of town. Austin Texas added a river walk and they are booming now:).. Also how can a local person start getting involved in maybe helping out or volunteering time for city projects?

There has been much study and it is partially complete now.

One last question. Can citizens go to the local meetings and if so
can you point me to the website and or tell me the info on how to attend Thank you for your time.

If you mean the City Council - meetings info is and has always been on the portal's home page under Are Events Today see http:/allarounddanville.com/index.htm#Danville%20today          

NAME:                    Elizabeth Dyess
EMAIL:                   springglen408@aol.com
Date:                    04/01/04
EMAIL_FROM:              Danville Illinois
COUNTRY:                 USA
WORK_PHONE:              2174770037
HOME_PHONE:              2174770037

When I say river walk I mean on the lines of cute little shops along the river, with possible boat rides. Logan would be a great place for that yes. Also around the old Rabbit town area would be neat also, possibly even the lake.

I mean considering Danville is kind of capitalizing on historyand such. I mean a cute little village of stores along the river would be 1#  something to bring outsiders into danville. possibly get some contracts with Ripley's, and other little museums. Toss in a childrens Museum made up all mainly pretend type stuff.

A Childrens Museum could be city ran even, with donations of counters, old cash registers, school tables,puppets, chuches, dress up area could consist of salvation army merchindise or the ywca's, ( Tax right offs)

    2# if we are talking money and where to get the funds what about grants? Can't the city get some water and presevation grants
or something? Just a thought? As far as labor and such could some businesses and locals donate time to help?
    3# This might actually bring in long term revenue and tourists, who would possibly dine in local resturaunts, shop in town, stay in the hotels and on and on, Add more jobs wink wink:)

Can anyone say that Danville couldn't use a little fun?

For along time Us danvillians have been going to Indy, bloomington, champaign and other places to thier attractions, what if we have some attractions and get some them to come to us?
NAME:                    Steve Paxton
EMAIL:                   fattypax1@sbcglobal.net
Date:                    3-30-04
EMAIL_FROM:              Georgetown
Danville had a riverwalk at the turn of the century,located on Logan Street, down the hill to Ellsworth Park, Don't remember the name of the Park at that time. But a Riverwalk, below the PSB and past the D.Palmer Civic Center, exiting again at Ellsworth Park. This would indeed create a great Riverwalk, but who could afford such a deal, except perhaps the folks who own the land along this route.  Perhaps this could come about with the removal of the Dangerous Dams, on this route, But if you remove the dams you got no river to walk along in the summer, may have water there in the Winter
NAME:       Stephen Rutan
EMAIL:      rutandesign@yahoo.com
Date:       03/15/04
EMAIL_FROM: Mesa, Az    
WORK_PHONE: 602-405-7547
I am looking for any information anyone has on the old Milner Road School House just outside of town.  The road in now N. 1430 E. Rd.  If anyone has information on that school or pictures or even drawings of it please e-mail me and let me know.
NAME:       Stephen Smith
EMAIL:      javaride@yahoo.com
Date:       031565
EMAIL_FROM: Georgetown Illinois
WORK_PHONE: (217) 446-0936
    I really wish I could put this question on a billboard outside every government office in the country...but could someone explain to me why we're expected to follow a budget, but the government is not.  They're not required to control spending, they just raise taxes and take more money out of our budgets!!  
    Also, I've read a few comments about Danville on here and it seems some people really have they're heads stuck in the sand.  I'm not here to run down the community.  I'll be the first to admit that I'm not really qualified, but I have lived here for 37 of my 39 years, and it seems as though it has always been on the brink of destruction.  Nationally the economy has been such that you could hardly use the past few years as a fair barometer, but lately it seems everyone and everything is pulling out.  Perhaps there needs to be a committee or something organized to study our strengths and weaknesses as a community, and start playing those things.  If you keep doing the same things you've been doing...you'll keep getting the same results you've been getting.  Historically there have been some bad decisions made, so what!  It's spilt milk!  We need to run our city more like a business, instead of having so much personal opinion involved.  It doesn't matter what I like or want, or what you like or want.  What matters is what is best for the community as a whole, in the long run.  I'm sure this has all been said before, I just felt like it needed to be addressed again.  I hope there's
someone out there listening that can take action and make a difference.  Good Luck Danville...you seem to need it!

Thanks for writing, your letter is typical so once again we will try and explain the situation:
We can't speak for other governments but, as far as Danville is concerned The problem is, we ARE trying to follow a budget, and the services provided over the past few years have increased in costs at a greater rate then our income. Expenses have gone up and income has gone down. Sound familiar? In fact the difference is $3 million dollars
Now in order to balance the budget (as you would ) we need to raise revenues or  reduce expenses; and we do plan to reduce expenses, so far by $1.5 Million. But again, we have a $3 million variation between income and services costs. So we must find revenue sources for the remaining $1.5 million or cut the budget more which means cutting public works, police, and fire; and very few want to take that risk as it could be bad for the community.
But it has to be one way or the other and the City Council will announce the first $1.5 million in cuts Tuesday 3/16 and then decide on the reaming $1.5 (cut more or pass a revenue resolution)
On the second part of your question, the Mayor has formed a Special Finance Committee and held several public meetings over the past six months. We also have a comprehensive Strategic Plan
with two years of pubic comment and involvement from hundreds of citizens, and the implementation is ongoing now for three years or more, but to follow  the recommendations in the plan currently calls for more than what we have already cut

 I hope this is clear to the many who have written the Portal. Webmaster

NAME:       Michael A. Coan
Date:       March 13, 2004
EMAIL_FROM: Westville
I've just noticed that the Balloon Association of Greater Illinois - which has a lot of good information about Hot Air Ballooning in the Illinois Area.

NAME:       Darren White
EMAIL:      darren@aol.com
Date:       3-9-04
EMAIL_FROM: Westville, IL
HOME_PHONE: (217)267-3512
I hate danville. Danville is a worthless town, full of drunks and people that will get in drunken wrecks with my children. I am leaving this godforsaken dump

Dear Mr White. I am very sorry, it is obvious that you have suffered a personal loss and are disillusioned about our community. You and I likely understand and agree that there are always people that contribute, through their careless actions, to the :worthlessness" of what ever community they reside it. This does not make the Danville area  "worthless", nor are the vast majority of our citizens "drunks". My best advice for you would be to stay and help change our community. It is certain that wherever you go there will be the "drunks" and contributors to the degradation of their community. Perhaps some communities may have less "worthlessness," and perhaps that is because good people stood their grounds and helped change their community. (I can tell you of a certainty that there are many such people in area doing just that, and I think they outnumber the drunks).

Wherever you go I  wish you well, but you will never escape those certain types anywhere in this world,  that only add to the misery of others , until we can, together, help them to change themselves. And God forbid that HE forsakes us....Webmaster
NAME:       Sandy Morgan
Date:       3/13/04
EMAIL_FROM: Westville, Illinois
Darren, I do to a point agree with you about the drunks.  I do however agree with the webmaster also.  No matter where you go there will always be alcohol, bars, and drunks.  However, my personal opinion, (seen first hand) has to do with the communities and enforcement agencies.
  Certain small town's around here have decided not to "bust" the drunks from their communities, (if they stay in THAT town) because they are taxpayer's.  I have seen however and know for a FACT first hand that even though the drunks "linger" to other towns, they are still not bothered by law enforcement.
  I just wish these people letting the drunks "fly" by, would think about where your family and mine are while these drunks are on the road.  We travel Westville to Danville just about everyday all hours of the day, you never know where those drunks are in reference to our families.
   It is so utterly sad that the ONLY way the drunks will be stopped (when obvious they are drunk) is if the drunk kills someone in HIGH authority.  Just like the accident with the Champaign girl dyin when her canoe tipped in Danville.  Something should have been done BEFORE the death, not wait to see IF something happens.
   I wish there were a way we could have a voice in this town where the drunks and alcohol are concerned, but I see the alcohol market $$$$ takes priority before life.  Truly a shame.
   Take care Darren, the best of luck to you and your family.
NAME:       Robin L. Scott
EMAIL:      r.scott1@att.net
Date:       03/07/04
EMAIL_FROM: Westville,IL

HOME_PHONE: 219-464-7085
Please help! my grandpa was born in grape creek in 1914 looking for any info on him or  cities of Grape Creek, Westville,IL, Georgetown, Il, Danville, Il. my grandpas name is Charles Bell "Chic" Wilson. he was born in Grape Creek, Ill in April 1914.
Please help with any info as we are preparing to celebrate his 90th b-day

             Thanks,  Robin L. Scott
NAME:       steve paxton
EMAIL:      fattypax1@sbcglobal.net
Date:       march 7 2004
EMAIL_FROM: georgetown il
Just an update on wheelchair ramps, finished 2 in Westville Last week got 1 to do in Oakwood next ,anybody want to help send me an e mail. We are VERMILION COUNTY HANDICAPPED ASSOC. JUST TRYING TO HELP
NAME:       BJ
EMAIL:      boberly48@aol.com
Date:       3/2/04
EMAIL_FROM: Danville, Illinois
  We always have to go to Indianapolis to enjoy there zoo. Would it be possible that in the future Danville could have a zoo. There's a lot of empty land around, maybe somebody would donate land for a zoo. Give family' someplace to go in Danville, plus there would be jobs for people. What about an Amusement park like the one at Indiana Beach ;Monticello, In something like that would bring people from surrounding states and (keep) our own Danvillians here for some family Quality time in Danville.
NAME:       Steve Isaacson
EMAIL:      timberbroker@netzero.com
Date:       03/01/2004
EMAIL_FROM: Fairmount, Illinois

WORK_PHONE: 217-733-1933
HOME_PHONE: 217-733-1933
I would like to say that the sight of www.AllAroundDanville.com is one if not the best web-page I have seen on the internet...I have not gotten my web-page on there yet but it is on its way.. you can find what you want in this area and you can also advertise on this web and not even live here... I want to thank Mr. Foster for his kind and considerate way of  bringing this to my attention...I am looking forward to having my sight up and running very soon. thanks again.....Steve Isaacson
NAME:       Eric Schmidt
EMAIL:      eschmidt@students.uiuc.edu
Date:       March 1, 2004
EMAIL_FROM: Champaign Illinois
My name is Eric Schmidt I am a student at the University of Illinois.  I am currently putting together a program to help clean up the Big Vermillion River Valley.  We are looking for volunteers  who are willing to dedicate their time to help keep their community  a cleaner and safer place.  There will be an informational meeting from 2:00-4:00pm at Kennekuk County Park Nature Center
22296 Henning Road
Danville, Illinois 61834    
For more information call: 217-442-4571
Greg & Judy Sacotnik
Middle Fork Canoe Outfitters
NAME:       Vicki Stout
EMAIL:      sromy60@hotmail.com
Date:       2-26-04
Hey Steve Anderson...tell Mike & Sara I said "hello"...thanks. Hope to see everyone this Spring...:-)
NAME:       Steve Paxton
EMAIL:      fattypax1@sbcglobal.net
Date:       02/24/2004
EMAIL_FROM: georgetown  Il
Just a thank you for correcting my spelling in my last message.
Vermilion County Handicapped Assoc. We are starting our ramp building this weekend, In Westville, watch here and I'll tell where we will be Sunday Morning.
Thanks  FATTY
NAME:       Art Mason
EMAIL:      tranosam1@netzero.net
Date:       2-21-04
EMAIL_FROM: Sarasota, Fl.
Where are all the 50's girls that use to dance at: Betty& Bills ,Nixon's, Amvets above the Lincoln Theater, Douglas Park on Fri. nights, Sutton's juke box, Youth center, Tigers Den (Urbana). Keep those husbands or friends dancing. Got to keep R&R Alive. These Young kids will never learn if we let it die !!!

Good question, nice to hear from our Flordia viewers. Webmaster
EMAIL:      Fattypax1@sbcglobal.net
Date:       02/15/04
EMAIL_FROM: Georgetown

Just a note to tell everyone that Vermilion County Handicapped Association will be having their Annual Harley Davidson Raffle on Sept 11. This years bike is a 2004 Road King Custom. Tickets are 25 bucks, All proceeds help Vermillion County Handicapped, We build wheelchair ramps for those who cannot afford them. Drawing will be held at the Gao Grotto in Danville, I would like to thank them for there help in this endeavor. See ya there.
NAME:       Steve Anderson
EMAIL:      musichead3@insightbb.com
Date:       2-14-04
EMAIL_FROM: Danville

 Dear Friends,
                       This is an update for the Danville jazz and blues festival.
  We are having a Meeting at the Factory on Wed Feb 25, 2004. Anyone  interested in help out  or donating time , please feel free to come by.
 The meeting will start at 7:00pm at the Factory (128 N. Walnut).
  All proceeds are going to help fund the Lincoln Park band shell .
  Please come by and give a hand...... Thanks
                                                                           Steve Anderson

NAME:       Daniel Fienen
EMAIL:      dhfienen@hotmail.com
Date:       2-13-2004
EMAIL_FROM: Danville, IL
WORK_PHONE: 217-442-5675
Immanuel Lutheran Church Men's Club is hosting their Annual "Taste of Deutschland" Bratwurst and Sour Kraut dinner, Saturday, Feb. 14, Valentine's Day from 4 to 7 pm at the Church Gymnasium, 1900 N. Bowman Ave. Danville

NAME:       Joe Pelszynski
EMAIL:      joe.pelszynski@sbcglobal.net
Date:       Feb. 6th
EMAIL_FROM: danville, Il
I like the idea that I can come down here to what's going on in danville for the week. It would be nice if you had a faster internet service like DSL is on the phone line. You may attract more customers that way, and also be cheaper then other competitors.
                  thank you
                     Joe Pelszynski

Joe we have several high speed options in Danville, including Cooketech wireless, Insight cable, Mclead and others
NAME:   Foster, Kent
Date:       2/02/04
EMAIL_FROM:Iraq via Washington DC
A day in the life of a former Marine trying to make a living as a well paid civilian.....................
Hey Dad,
I am on a new assignment near Fallujah.  Its south of Mosul but smack dab in the middle of the Sunni triangle you might have heard about.  We just got mortared but no one is hurt.
I am at an ammo resupply point where the bad guys want their ordinance back, I guess.   We (the EOD guys) also do the demolition of huge amounts of stuff.  Today they blew 1000 tons of stuff up at once.  It looked like a tactical nuke round or something like that.  Pretty big blast and mushroom cloud.  
My group will be providing security for these guys while they sleep and work.  We have been doing some patrols and harassing fire on nearby Fallujah to bring them out.  We'll see.


Scott is my brother Kent's son, and was recalled to Iraq.. Webmaster 

NAME:       Janice Mitchell Young
EMAIL:      janicerocky@aol.com
Date:       1/30/04
EMAIL_FROM: Danville, Il
HOME_PHONE: 217-759-8089
In addition to Bill Lucas's post regarding the DHS class reunion of 66-70, the reunion begins at 11am- midnight with golf tee time at 11am July 24,2004. The fees for golf and swimming are not included in the $30 price to attend the reunion. Other activities are also available beginning at 11a.m for those who do not wish to golf. There will be volleyball, horseshoes, and cards. A cash bar is available all day. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Janice
Date:       01/28/04
WORK_PHONE: 443-1888
Just found this site and its great! I had to comment on Jake "the good boy". this is a very touching story and it brought tears to my eyes. I have a 11 year old Shepard husky mix named - Chaka and she is starting to have trouble getting around. When she passes on a huge part of me will pass with her, and I wanted you to know that I am very sorry for your loss./////
On another note it would be cool to see some stuff on your site about pops skating rink, and the pool that used to be by Fair Oaks (the owners were Wilbur and Anita Luke) my mom and dad met there when it was skating rink I may be able to help w/pics
NAME:       Veda Morley
EMAIL:      bmorleys@aol.com
Date:       1-28-2004
EMAIL_FROM: Kaysville, Utah
Tim Devore . . .I tried to e-mail you back about Ginny's Sweet Shop, but the e-mail server said I wasn't on your list.
Oh well, I tried.  Email me again if you want my response.

NAME:       Bill Lucas
EMAIL:      Bill8006@aol.com
Date:       01/28/2004
EMAIL_FROM: Danville, Illinois
Danville High Class of 1969 with the help on 1968 will be having a 35th Reunion July 24 at Turtle Run. Classes of 66, 67 & 70 are also invited due to interest of classmates from these classes.
Dinner will be at 5:00pm and dancing till midnight. Dress is casual and tickets are $30 per person. All classes make check payable to "Class of 1969" and mail them to Bill Lucas 1911 Meridian Danville by July 1st. For more info you can go to classmates.com  for a full list of contacts or email Janice Mitchell Young at Janice rocky@aol.com or Bill Lucas at Bill8006@aol.com Hope to see you there !
NAME:       Len Knee
EMAIL:      eagledancer_computers@yahoo.com
Date:       1/21/04
EMAIL_FROM: Danville
I am looking to do a trade, I have a very nice under counter dishwasher that I don't really need and am wanting to trade for a good bow mount trolling motor. If anyone is interested or knows someone that is interested, please contact me via Email. eagledancer_computers@yahoo.com
SUBJECT:    Inquiry
NAME:       Sandy  (Young) Morgan
EMAIL:      smorgan69@charter.net
Date:       1-19-04
EMAIL_FROM: Westville, Illinois
I am hoping someone can help.  I have looked at several houses in the past few days with nothing that is what we need.  We have been pre-approved for financing.  We need a 3/4 bedroom, hopefully with basement or shelter, a garage with a yard.  We would like to stay in Westville school district, will consider other districts absolutely no Danville district.
House needs to be SAFE I have to children to protect.
Any home will be considered.  
Sandy Morgan

NAME:       Steve Anderson
EMAIL:      musichead3@insightbb.com
Date:       1-18-04
EMAIL_FROM: Danville

This is an update for the Danville jazz and blues festival.  The jazz and blues festival will be held May 22, 2004 at the Factory on 128 N. Walnut in Danville . There will be 2 to 3 stages (depending on the weather). Anyone interested in donating or helping out in anyway. Please contact me at the email address. All donations are going to be put to the Lincoln Park Fine Arts Center (The new band shell). Pleas watch for more updates.

Thanks,  Steve Anderson

NAME:       Steve Paxton
EMAIL:      Fattypax1@aol.com
Date:       01/16/2004
EMAIL_FROM: Georgetown Il

NAME:       Lisa Conklin
EMAIL:      lisawbh@yahoo.com
Date:       01/15/2004
EMAIL_FROM: Danville, IL
We are looking for a swing set or jungle gym in good condition for a child in the age range of like 5-10. We are wanting one of the wood or plastic larger ones with a slide, swing set, fort, climbing area and possibly a sandbox area. Thought someone may have one there child has outgrown before we go buy a new one, willing to pay reasonable price.  Please email me.
NAME:       Chris Burch
EMAIL:      c3kb@netzero.net
Date:       01-14-04
EMAIL_FROM: Davenport, FL
COUNTRY:    United States
Hi Danville...Hey, maybe someone who reads this can help me out. I have a 1978 DHS yearbook that belongs to one Clay Frazier whom I believe graduated from DHS in 1979 or 1980. If anyone knows where Clay is or how to contact him, please contact me at my e-mail address to the left. I would really like to get this book of memories back to Clay. Thanks Danville. Hey Vinnie and Brad...Hope its going good for you guys. Chris
NAME:       Betty Sue
EMAIL:      ItsJustAGame2u@aol.com
Date:   1-13-04   
EMAIL_FROM: Danville Illinois

WORK_PHONE: Danville Township
Hello, Danville I would like to say "hey".I would like to praise our city EMTs and Paramedics, for they are the ones who keep our lives going and yes sir I will be sure to pull over for you when I see you coming down the street!!!!!You men and women are life savers who deserve much credit!!!! I would also like to say I am researching the history of Danville Illinos,If anyone can give me any tips, pointers ect I would appreciate any info!!! I have been to the local library here in town and Check out most books about history that I have seen!! I am in the process of doing history on my work place building right now! Danville Township,101 North Street or in other words the Old Polyclinic!!I am told this building was the polyclinic from the 50s to the 70s..If anyone has any more info on this please feel free to email me with it. I would love to hear your stories, history ect!!!Does anyone know of any Drs who worked at the old Polyclinic? How long was it there? and does anyone know where I can get any pics of it? Thanks for all your help!!! Have Fun and Be Safe In Danville!
NAME:   Joan Palmer
ADDRESS:30 Poland Rd Danville, IL
PHONE:    446-1508:          
EMAIL_ADDRESS:       dpalmer@cooketech.net
Date:                01-10-04
Wanted pictures of closed clubs and taverns such as Freddy's, Variety Club, Joker Club, etc.  Member of "Spice" band are looking for memorabilia from their band dates.  If you have any please contact us.
NAME:       Rich Washkowiak
EMAIL:      Rockmedix95@sbcglobal.net
Date:       1/11/04
EMAIL_FROM: Danville, IL

Hello all.  I have seen and heard about this site often through ads and what-not, so I thought that it was about time to check it out for myself.  I have lived in this area all of my life and I think that it is just great, that in this day and age, we have resources like this website.  This site is full of information about Danville and the area.  I would like to say great job to the creator's).  You have done a superb job.  As a local Paramedic, I would like to add, please remember to pull to the right for emergency vehicles.  We just may be going to someone that you know.     Rich Washkowiak, EMT-P
Thanks Rich, we try. Webmaster

NAME:       Vicki Stout
EMAIL:      sromy60@hotmail.com
Date:       1/8/04
Hey ..I was there for the Fall Festival and they had a great blues and jazz band there...but I didn't make it in time to hear them. That would be great if they had one in May..that's good travelin' weather. Keep us posted on that will ya?...:-)
NAME:       Where R The Jobs*
EMAIL:      *

NAME:          BB*
EMAIL:      *
*Today we received two messages without an email return address or name. The Message Boards requires both, and  is usually for inquiries and comments of a general nature, (as below). The unsigned comments about Danville's problems should be posted on the Community Forum, (You can use any name you wish on the Forum). There is an ongoing exchange of opinions.

The reply to a posting  made 10-21-03 (below) was posted here only because we did not have the forum pages then. These types of exchanges will be on the Forum in the future. Go to Forum Here

NAME:       May Rock
EMAIL:      mrockinec@aol.com
Date:       1-1-04
EMAIL_FROM: El Cajon, Ca.
Hello to all,
I am interested in old pictures or history of Grape Creek area.  The older, the better - but I'm really interested in anything.
Please contact me if you have info/pics.
Thank you,
May in So. Cal.

Allarounddanville.com also would like to post photos of the Grape Creek area in our archives. Please email or loan us photos which we will scan and return
matt noneya
WORK_PHONE: 217-443-5000
HOME_PHONE: 217-443-5000
Email: mattbythebay@yahoo.com
Can a town be any BORINGER than Danville Illinois......I must say if this town isn't a poster for dying cities in America I don't know what town would be.....if you r reading this do urself a favor...move

Matt thanks for your well written and expressed logic. Sorry your bored, glad to see you find relief on the internet....Webmaster

SUBJECT:    Suggestion
NAME:       Sandy  (Young) Morgan
Date:       1-02-04
EMAIL_FROM: Westville, Illinois

A vary belated reply to the above. But let's start the year off right! Webmaster
Ya know pal, since your work number and home number are 443-5000 (USMC Logan hospital) maybe if you were doing some work (since getting paid) you wouldn't be so bored as to "pick on Danville"
I believe your statement was...."if your reading this...then move!"  Hey Matt, your here with us, and yes Danville has suffered alot since GM, Hyster and all the other plants have closed, but it is still going, and still our home town.


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